About OTEC

Who We Are?

OTEC (GB) Limited was established in September 2000 & began operational work in April 2001, concentrating our efforts on the French and German markets. Since then we have grown considerably and we now have services to and from most of Mainland Europe.

OTEC (GB) Limited are now operating daily import and export departures, to and from Holland, Belgium, Germany and France, and twice weekly to Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Austria and Portugal. We also cover all Eastern European countries and Greece with a weekly Friday departure.

In 2004 we began to offer a domestic transport service to run along side our international services and we now run a fleet of 18 vehicles on a daily basis, starting from a Transit van, through to an Artic trailer. These drivers are all electronically tracked, and have tail lift facilities on each vehicle. We also have several drivers who are ADR trained and Box Vehicles if required.

Our operations staff are all ADR trained and are dedicated professional individuals who care about your work.