As you will all be more then aware there are growing concerns across the country with regards to the Coronavirus / Covid-19.

As a company Otec (GB) Ltd have a range of contingency plans available to ourselves to enable the continuation of normal service levels during this time.

These include but are not limited to:
? Sanitisation of all equipment on a regular basis.
? Remote working contingencies.
? Deep cleaning contingences for any confirmed affected areas of our business.
? Shift rotas for key personnel across the business & stand in procedures, to enable continuity of service in the event of individuals being confirmed affected by the virus.

Whilst we at Otec (GB) Ltd fully intend maintaining normal service for the foreseeable future, should this have to change for any reason we will update all clients as & when necessary.

We wish everybody the best of health as we all pull together to get through this difficult time.